donderdag 28 juni 2012

Decorating cookies

I'm a fan of.... Sweet Paul... decorating cookies.... eating sweets. So when this all comes together I get very exited. Love the flip flops and the orange popsicle. This is from the online Summer 2012 magazine. Looking for more cookie decorating ideas than check out our Food inspiration board on Pinterest.

maandag 25 juni 2012

Show your pictures

Kids love to look at pictures. And with our digital cameras these days we don't often make prints anymore. But done this way like seen on the Dosfamily blog I think it's really cute. Specially since there are also copies of old pictures used. And clever find, they're laminated and taped to tiles so you don't have to drill holes for a frame.

How cute is this birthday cake!

First of all I have to give my compliments to the mom baking this cake for her daughters birthday. I totally love the look of the rainbow cake and think the baking must take a lot of patience. But than.... will you look at this frosting layer. What an amazing idea to have your kid decorate their own birthday cake. I totally, absolutely, enormously LOVE IT! So Rosie from the Sweetapolita blog KUDOS to you! Go to her site to find links for the recipe.

donderdag 21 juni 2012

You should really check this one out!


New discovery. I love Instragram as you get to peak into other peoples life and inspiration. That's also how I learned about Corby Tindersticks. Love their shirts with great detailed illustrations and applications of buttons and emboidery. And their felt little posters. Unfortunately this grey one is sold out otherwise it would be on our walls I can asure you! And the quircky dolls are also Corby Tindersticks designs. And the good news is that Rotterdam based webshop Shak-Shuka (my IG source) will stock some of their collection in the near future. 

maandag 4 juni 2012

Sometimes you just don't want to wait

Sometimes you come across a new collection online and you just can't fait for it to hit the stores. I get that feeling with this new SIRKUS collection by Norwegian brand Blafre. In a collaboration with Cecilie Ellefsen their products got some really nice new prints. It will even be hard to make a choice. Probably the rond travelling circus container, the small strong man box and I also very much like the bear print. Like I said.... too many nice things! See more images on Rafens.