maandag 26 maart 2012

Wooden perfection

These wooden toys will not only appeal to kids but I'm sure also to grown ups. Such detail and perfection and what cute little creatures! The site of Take-G Toys is in Japanese. A language I don't have in my vocabularies, so I let my eyes take in the information. This is only a selection. To see more just click away on the Take-G Toys website. And if you've figured out the Japanese language and know an easily accessed retail address just let me know!

maandag 19 maart 2012

Painted blocks

Of course, a young child can play hours and hours with the natural wood colour blocks. But what an addition are these little faces and other painted decorations as spotted on the Lisen Adb├ąge blog. Easy to make yourself, just add different style eyes, mouths and other funny faces. If you need further inspirations you can also turn to the collection of the wooden blocks by Ingela P Arrhenius.  

zaterdag 17 maart 2012

The perfect gift for a baby

We had selected the perfect gift for our baby Maas at the webshop Villa Kakelbont. This Koeka hooded towel in the colour light grey. I love it because of the shape and stucture. And the light colour grey just suits our perfect little boy. As you can see there are many other colours to choose from. So if you're looking for a gift for a new born and want to give something that they can use and use and use than look no further, here's your link.

maandag 12 maart 2012

Take a seat


Take a seat and relax on one of these cute and cheerful beanbags by Mingla Design from Sweden. They come in three colours: blue, pink and orange. I first spotted these in the Family Living shop but you could also contact Mingla Design for further retailers.

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

My handsome little boy

I love my new baby boy and I love taking cute pictures of him. Didn't have to look far for the background because we have these great duvets by By Nord. Used to sell them in my shop but now I can redirect you to Villa Kakelbont for these great sheets. Available in junior and 1-person covers.
When I'm looking for inspiration to take some nice photos I turn to my Pinterest photography board. This is where I collect examples of good angles, nice backgrounds and artistic shots.

maandag 5 maart 2012

Life size finger puppets

The best way to play monster is with these life size finger puppets made as a special project by Creature Features. I guess it would also be great fun to make one of these dress up monsters with the kids. Let them draw on a large white sheet, get a contrast coloured fabric from the market (or another old sheet) and sew them togehter. In the area of the nose you take some see through (I'd probably use material you would use for screens to keep insects out) black material. And don't forget while you are sewing to keep the open space for the arms. That makes these little monsters extra scary.

vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Something to create

Make sure you keep cardboard boxes and packaging boxes for nice little craft projects during the weekend. Such as these two cute little creatures. Wouldn't you put these on display in your home as art. I know I would. My son is just 5 weeks old so it will take some time before we can start crafting together. Doesn't matter, until that time I can scout, collect and share these projects. This inspiration comes from the great website Handmade Charlotte.

donderdag 1 maart 2012

Some Pinterest favourites

Here are some of my Pinterest baby wishlist board favourites. From left to right the Alexander Girard ABC blocks, a bright onesie from Lindex (Sweden) and a new poster by Ingela P Arrhenius (all profits will go to WWF.
On Pinterest I collect my favourite inspirations. Love this site as all the links are saved with the photo. This brings me to new sites and blogs that I otherwise would not have found.