woensdag 29 februari 2012

New in the Darling Clementine collection

Darling Clementine has expended their great 'Little Wonders' illustrations from postcards to these great kitchen articles. The cups, little plates, bowls, placemats and trays will soon be available for retail. With cute prints like this I'm sure they'll be a huge succes. I'm aiming for a little cup and the placemat with mushroom and mouse.

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

It's time to party!

Where to shop for the best party decorations? Without a doubt at the online shop PSikhouvanjou (Dutch for PS I love you). They have a great collection of masking tape, decorative robe, honeycomb decorations in various colours and beautiful metallic balloons. But that's not all you can shop at PSikhouvanjou. They also have cute toys, decorations for kidsrooms as well as your own living room, pretty stamps, sweet stationary and a selection of amazing postcards. This is a shop you need to take your time to discover!

Better late... than never!

I'm so sorry, the newborn mom in me forgot to put up the winner last night. So here we go: the winner is.....

MAUREEN from www.jikkes.blogspot.com

maandag 20 februari 2012

We're not quite there yet...

We're not quite there yet, but with the sunshine today it is getting within our reach: SPRING. This quote is very promising. Winter kicked in quite late this year and it is still very cold. Doesn't matter as Spring is sure to follow. The image is available in the Etsy shop Small Talk Studio.

Last day to join our GIVE AWAY with RKshop

Click the image to join our give away. We will announce a winner at 20:00 hours.

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Happy, happy, and loads of LOVE

I wish everyone a happy valentines day with loads of love! My best valentines day was last year when my Mr Lover proposed to me in a little ski lift in Switzerland. No way he can beat that!
This cute little bunting for valentines day is made by Ashley Meanders. Make sure you check out her website for more beautiful DIY inspirations. 

maandag 13 februari 2012

Light, spacious and a dash of retro

How about these lovely rooms for kids! Combining retro wallpaper with restored retro furniture and a crisp white base. Instant atmosphere if you ask me! This house also has some great other rooms and an amazing light spacious feel to it. Check out our Lille Lykke blog to see some of the other rooms. 

dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Enjoying our baby

On the 28th of January our son Maas was born. Now we're living in a bubble of happiness enjoying him. I will be back on the blog soon but would like a bit more time to cocoon with our new baby.
Hope you stick with us and I'll be back in say a week....