maandag 27 mei 2013

The best toddler bed ever

After about 16 months of (not allways voluntarily) cosleeping we're considering getting our little boy a toddler bed. Looking online at the options I came across this amazing junior bed by Kalon Studios called Caravan Divan. Available in several detail colors that will suit your kidsroom decor. I love the legs, the little differences in wood color and the attention of detail. And yes, they can live up to their slogan.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great design! Love it! ♡

  2. Since I run a small design studio with children beds, I have to agree: Kolon toddler is one of the most beautiful child bed on the market ;-) I get e-mails from moms, which would love to get a toddler bed for they child and help them to like to sleep in they own bed. Our toddler bed with wheel is loved mostly by boys, and I heard few times already, that the child really moved from parents bed to this one ;-) Good luck!

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