maandag 17 juni 2013

I can highly recommend lötiekids

Sometimes I get some products from a sponsor. I enjoy that because of course I love a present now and than and second because I get to test their products. And in all fairness... it's easier to recommend something if you've tried it yourself.
For lötiekids clothes from Barcelona my little boy was the one to do the testing. We've tried some shirts and shorts and I must say I really really love them. The material is really soft and holds well after washing, as well as the colors. And they've thought of little ones by putting buttons around the neckline making it easy to put on and off. What I personally like is the amazing prints. Beautiful detailed fishes, bikes, houses and now with the new collection sea stars and kangaroos.
Luckely I'm not the only one loving the lötiekids products. I've spotted some other (Dutch) users in my Instragram feed and they are also very fond of this brand. 

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