dinsdag 24 juni 2014

My favorite Toddler apps

The holiday season is upon us and you may travel with your young children. I thought I would share some of my favorite apps for toddlers. My son enjoys playing these and added bonus he is learning during his playtime. 

puzzles, sorting, building towers

Role play gardening, hospital, restaurant, airport etc.

Games as Doctor, Dress up, Band, Monsters etc.

Games as Trucks, Peek-a-zoo, and toddler songs

These are some of the apps most used in our household. If you have some nice tips for us please do share. When it comes to travelling with kids all ways to entertain are worth sharing. Have a great summer.

vrijdag 18 april 2014

Baby moccasins from Sweden

I love finding new brands and products via my Instagram account. Let's be honest a baby moccasin isn't all that new anymore but I really like the Swedish MINI MOCKS ones. All handmade with environment-friendly, vegetable tanned leather  from Sweden. Wonder which veggies they use? The pink double fringe ones are called Flamingo (how suitable is that!) and these cute neutral ones are named Grandpa. If the double fringe would also be available in neutral I'd want them both for my baby.

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Books to be ordered soon

A few weeks ago there was a closing down sale at an online shop in Singapore selling Mini Rodini at 70% discount. Something I had to share with others as this doesn't come around often. Three Instragram followers jumped to the opportunity and they ordered and I forwarded the packages by mail. To reimburse me for the shipping fee I asked them to give me gift vouchers of a Dutch online shop selling books. This way I can order a few nice Dutch books for Maas and Lloyd like this and this one. But it will not only be Dutch titles as I've also fallen in love this Mr Tiger and The Curious garden both by Peter Brown. 

donderdag 10 april 2014

Can't wait to assembli

It's time! It's time to give my little Lloyd a nice bedroom. For the past few months it has only been a place to sleep in combined with storage of all sort of stuff that shouldn't be in his room. We're in the Netherlands at the moment and shopping with blog friends I came across this paper bear trophy head by Assembli. Apparently it isn't for the impatient ones cause it takes a few hours to assemble. But I feel up to the challenge. My lovely little boy deserves a nice room. I've chosen the ice blue color as it reminds me of my blog header. Besides the bear you can also get a rhino and a hippo.

donderdag 19 december 2013

That would make one lucky new baby...

I've mentioned my love for Kalon Studios before but now seeing it in a room I love it even more! With the bright colors it really makes a statement in your nursery. And the options are there cause you can choose yellow, green, pink, red, black and raw. These are the Caravan Dresser and Caravan Crib.

maandag 11 november 2013

Deeply, madly and heavenly in love

Is it because I still embrace the inner child or because I love a bit of humor in ones interior? I really have fallen for the prints by the Swedish ISA Form. The colors are spot on and I like the clean cut lines and finishing touches such as the rosy cheeks.

donderdag 7 november 2013

What inspired me on Instagram: G.Nancy

I was at a birthday party the other day explaining how I managed to find all this online inspiration while being a mother of 2 boys (one 21 months and one 8 weeks old). Where did I find the time? I find that more and more it just comes knocking on my doorstep. Through Instagram for instance. This is another great shop from New Zealand that just happened to find me on this platform. 
I love the robes by G.Nancy, specially this flamingo (is that because I am a boys mom...) and the elephant. But there's more. Cute organic pj's and a wide range of happy socks.  

zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

What inspired me on Instagram: Pop Factory Shop

I absolutely LOVE Instagram. The most serious addiction I've ever had. Actually met some people in real life that I got to know through Instagram. And I keep finding these amazing nice products and inspirations. So I've decided to make a new regular blog category: What inspired me on Instagram.
Like this Bigcartel Pop Factory Shop. Found them through the Bridget Lee account. They have masks and capes for kids, these golden decals you see above (the Dream on Dream Lion would be great for Maas) and very sweet the Sun up till sun down print.
Images by

vrijdag 27 september 2013

Can't wait to put my babies legs in these little leggings

When your kids are little I don't feel you should bother them with jeans. They should explore their little world in comfortable soft clothing. There are more and more nice brands coming out with great prints. And I was happy to spot these little cuties by House of Mia. Leggings available for both toddlers as well as older kids. 
Also fallen for the cute colorful little shoes. They're by Freshly Picked who recently got nominated for the Martha Stewart American Made award. 

donderdag 26 september 2013

Illustrations with a bit of humor

Je zult me niet snel betrappen op van die vrolijke namen geplakt op de slaapkamer deuren. Prima bij anderen maar niet helemaal mijn smaak. Moet wel zeggen dat ik gevoelig blijk te zijn voor de alphabet blocks van illustratrice Eleanor Stuart uit Engeland. Iedere strakke letter krijgt net even een leuk grapje mee. Of het nou een bergbeklimmer is, een maanlandschap of een drillend mannetje. Met een prettige afmeting van 15x15 cm is het leuk om op deze manier de naam boven een bedje te hangen.
You won't see the colorful names of my kids on their bedroom door. Fine for others but it has never been my style. However... I must say I'm quite fond of these bold alphabet blocks with ABC images with little fun additions from British illustrator Eleanor Stuart. With the nice small size of 15x15 cm you can easily put your kids name above their bed.

Seen first at: Australia based Everything Begins

dinsdag 10 september 2013

A cute ETSY discovery: Pink Cheeks Studios

I absolutely melted when I spotted these creations by the Pink Cheeks Studios on Etsy. They are the little treasures by Nichol Brinkman from LA. With great imagination and skills she makes these original products. Highlights for me are most definately the family mobiles and these little paintings. Would love to get my hands on some of these items. Below some more eye candy. Make sure you visit her blog to see her latest creations and to see how her workspace looks.

vrijdag 6 september 2013

A dark chocolate sleeping feast

You've seen the brand RAFA KIDS on my blog before and now they have a very delicious new color for their teen bed: Dark Chocolate. Want to see this beautiful bed in person? Make sure you make it to the Inside Design Amsterdam organized by Elle Decoration. That's where they'll show it to the public for the first time. Always very exciting. For now, let's enjoy this beautiful styled image.

donderdag 5 september 2013

Magnetic creativity to share with your kids

I must admit this is probably more something for big kids and most likely for creative moms. A few weeks ago I was shopping with my sister (mother of 2 little boys) and she pointed out to me that very often we like design type toys and kids prefer the most bold colors, cheapest plastic material and ugliest design. Never the less. I would feel it is my obligation to at least try to introduce them to well shaped toys that help them develop and that are a lust of my eye! Such as these TATLIN cardboard magnetics by Kidsonroof from the Netherlands. There are three different type of sets: Tatlin Big, Archetype cars & boats and Archetype buildings.

woensdag 4 september 2013

Unique and individual, what more can you wish for?

I love opening new doors online. Often I forget the road I had taken to get to a certain website. One thing I do know this time. I found this brand on the Finnish blog Bee and Bambi. What brand it is...? Annika. I love the uniqueness and the individuality you can offer your kid with these clothes. Find more about this brand and look at the new Autumn and Winter collection here.